Red Star

One of the greatest things I like about Hong Kong is the fact that there is abundance of great Dim Sums. I miss Hong Kong and the cold weather, the great food and the fact that there is no language barrier for me, and I miss having holidays. Will be doing up a travelogue for Hong Kong soon. Soon is the word because churning out blog posts is draining whatever little energy I have left after a long day at work.

I’m a sticky girlfriend. I love days when I get to wake up to see Kris’s face, and I love Sundays where we have no obligations to wake up and rush somewhere. Sometimes we wake up at 11am, and then realised that we are in time to make it to Red Star’s Dim Sum. Take note their last order is at 230pm, and by then a lot of the food has been sold out.

|Located at 54 Chin Swee Rd, 160054

Before I got together with Kris, I’ve never heard of Red Star. 126 and Swee Choon were staples however, because that’s where I used to head for supper after a night of clubbing. Red Star is a very vintage looking place, with the food being pushed out on their carts by the ladies who have been working at Red Star since its start. I loved the place since the first time I stepped in, about 1.5 years ago.


I don’t normally take a lot of pictures while I’m there, because the food’s usually so tempting I gobble them down the instance I grab them off the cart. I’ve always wondered why Dim Sum dishes need to come in set of threes, its a little too much especially when only two person is eating, no? There should be options for just 2 pieces…


Whatever it is, I’d strongly recommend this place – good food, retro and noisy ambience, value for money dishes, and a place that reminds me so much of the Dim Sum houses in Hong Kong.


Sushi Airways Sushibar

I lead a very simple life; I don’t have many close friends, but I am blessed, very blessed – because I enjoy myself every single time I hang out with those close friends of mine. What’s more, I have a very doting boyfriend who let me chose the meals whenever we are out for meals for the weekends.

Last week was Singapore restaurant week, and because I was too busy at work the week before, I did not had time to look at the list of participating restaurants, resulting in most of them being fully booked. Kris and I share common taste buds – we both love Japanese cuisine, we both love fresh oysters and steak, we both love seafood. One of the options available for Saturday lunch was Sushi Airways Sushi Bar, set menu was $25++, I think it was one of the cheapest menus for Restaurant Week.

| Located at 40 Baghdad Street (Within Arab Street area)

Kris did not chose the out from the menu, he ordered separately from the ala-carte menu, which was a good thing, because even thought my set only had 5 types of sushi and 4 makis, the size of the sashimis and the rice were large enough to be split into 2 mouths. Each time I do that, Kris will go, “Never mind, you eat”. I think the best thing about being in a relationship is that you get to enjoy bits of life together. Things like sharing a sushi, licking off an ice cream cone together, waking up to a freezing leg because the other partner snatched off all the blankets… Each moment spent together is a memory. Okay, I digressed.

Anyways, the restaurant week menu came with the following options:


I took the sushi set, and I loved it.

Appetizers: Hamachi sashimi. There was so much fats in the 3 little pieces of sashimi and it made us such happy people. I need to widen my vocabulary so that I can have more words to describe sushi and sashimi besides the word fresh, but damn, these were so fresh! I want more! 3 slices can never be enough!


ImageJust look at it! LOOK!

Honestly, even though I’ve ate sushi so often, it’s hard to tell which type of fish I am eating. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any Hotate (scallops) in the set, but everything else made up for it. Kris thought that I’d not like the sea urchin because most places serve bad ones; but this, was so good that I almost didn’t want to share it with him. So smooth, so sweet; it was too damn good. And the baby squids! It was the first time I ate this, there were roes (?!) in the squid, and each bite down was a little bit of heaven bursting in my mouth!



For him, he ordered the pork cutlet rice; I did not take any pictures of it because well, that was not the main star of the meal. It tasted good though don’t get me wrong. The miso soup was also quite a great taster, wished my set came with the soup too.


Our last item of the meal was ice cream; mine had Koi Shiso liquor drizzled over the vanilla ice cream, while his set came with the plain one. I chose his, the liquor was extremely sour tasting and I did not like it. The vanilla itself was decent enough however.

The overall ambiance of the place was cool, parking was hard to find as there were so many cars and so little lots at Arab Street. The place is also very small, probably sitting a max of 15-20, so do make reservations. I’ll probably be heading back there again sometime soon to try out the other ala carte!

Rating: 4/5

Hummerstone Restaurant

On Xmas Day, Kris brought me to Hummerstons restaurant at Robertson Walk. It was like Deva Ju because we were just there the day before for our Christmas Dinner (post link here: We even managed to get the same lot for parking!

I love breakfasts; I love it even more when we wake up on time to have brunch on Sundays, even if it is for a simple fare meal at the hawker centre. Its so difficult to be able to wake up early on weekends because through Mondays to Fridays, we lead our routine lives of 9-6pm jobs. Overtime at work is often and frequent, and the time left to sleep in and to recharge for the same mundane work week, unfortunately, is only the weekends. Last orders for breakfasts/ brunches at a lot of places is at 2pm, and we usually only pull ourselves out of bed at 1pm. 

So on Christmas Day, we woke up bright and happy at 11am, and Kris started his search for brunch locations in Singapore. We didn’t want the usual American type of breakfast sets, and when Kris chanced about an article on Hummerstons, we decided to give it a try.

I love the place! Its outdoor area is actually pet friendly, and I told Kris I would want to go back together with Mini. Then again, there’s so many other food places that I want to try including Wheeler’s Yard, Loysel’s Toy, Shop Wonderland and the chances of us heading back to Hummerstons is really quite low. 

Kris had the Hummerstones Burger, which had the prettiest and softest bun we’ve had for burgers in Singapore. Just look at the floral (at least I thought it looked like a flower) shape of the bun! So pretty! I love the fact that Kris always cuts up food into small pieces for me because he knows I suck at using the knife and fork, and half the time I’m actually too lazy to use both my hands to hold the utensils when I am eating. I love how he’d feed me the food he cut for me too! I’m blessed this way aren’t I!



For me, I had the Breakfast Tostada, I loved it. I immediately decided on this when I saw the description: Grilled smoked pork and garlic sausage, served with asparagus, scrambled eggs and crispy corn tortilla. I love my corn chips, the nachos, the tortilla chips.While the dish doesn’t look too good in the photo, it was heart stopping brilliant because every single mouthful was bursting with flavors! Portion was large enough for sharing. 



LadyIronChef mentioned that Jalean at I-S magazine named the Hummerstons’s Roasted Pumpkin Cheesecake ($10.9) as one of the fifty things to eat in Singapore before you die. So I ordered it, even though I was SO stuffed after desperately trying to finish my main. It was good, but not quite to die for? 

I loved the ambience, its was so quiet even on Christmas Day, perhaps everyone was still knocked out after a crazy party night. I loved the food, I loved the milkshake, and the best thing? It wasn’t too damaging to our pockets. Total cost for 2 of us: S$75 including GST and Service charge. 


Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf

60 Robertson Quay

We had our Christmas Eve dinner here, couple dating with Wallace and Joanne. The oysters and foie gras were delectable, with the grilled foie gras making it to top 3 favorite list too.

We ordered a dozen of fresh oysters and subsequently order 4 piece of steam oysters.

Fresh ones ftw.



The Aussie beef Sirloin steak was melt in the mouth, with little walnuts (?) that we really liked. We ordered the 200g portion for sharing. Everything was so yummy I wanted more of everything! Maybe I was so soaked in the festive’s joys that everything was so happy and nice, even the shirt Kris wore so often on our special occasion dates made him look so charming. Hur hur.



I made Kris order the appetizer platter – ham and cheese. It actually came with Olives but we requested for it to be replaced with more cheese because we all dislike olives. We’re weirdos who like onions and garlics but not olives. How do you chew those things?



FOIE GRAS! TOP 3 LIST! I want some of these now! Even the yucky one from Savour will do for now!

We ordered both types available on the menu, pan seared foie gras with honey toast and the foie gras paste with bread. I think I died and went to heaven for that 10 minutes. 👼 the honey toast was extremely buttery and tasted of honey almost of perfection. The sauce drizzled at the side also tasted wonderful!


Hotate Mentaiko was decent, but not fabulous. Less praises can be given for the butter garlic rice, which I didn’t even order taking a picture of.



A toast of some Japanese wine which Kris ordered to cheers to the Christmas! I love my wines sweet and this was perfect for the evening.


I can’t wait to head back there again!

Thankew baby for always bringing me to have all this wonderful delectable meals and letting me order all the things I like! ❤️

Flutes Restaurant


Never knew such an awesome dining area existed within the National Musuem of Singapore. It was a fabulous place with a great ambience. If I were to wed one day, I’d definitely consider this place as one of the choices for the wedding.

We had the brunch set, opted for the 3 course brunch set at S$38++. Satisfied were our tummies when we left the restaurant. Take note that this entry is backdated to December, and the menu might have changed since then.

Our first course:
I chose the beef soup while HJ had the salmon salad, I’ve just checked the menu and it’s not inside! Guess they did change the menu? I loved every bit of the beef soup!



Second course:

I had the Beer Battered Fish & Chips, with tartare and mesclun. Did I ever mention that mesclun is my favorite salad vegetable?

HJ had the Eggs any style served with pork chipolata, bacon, baked beans, hashbown and mesclun. I just realized she ate plenty of eggs that day. We need to all start watching our calories and cholesterol!



It’s such a pity the place doesn’t serve moscatos by glasses (as a lot of places in Singapore), and it was just insane to get a bottle for the two of us at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. The bartender concocted up some “sweet” drink for us, but it’s still far away from my favorite moscato. 😭


Our final course – desserts. Such a delight to look at, such a bliss in my mouth.

We shared between us the Fruit & Berries with plum and crème fraiche ice-cream and the Belgian Waffle with blueberry compote, vanilla ice-cream.



I’d recommend this place for a cheery romantic date, it beats the other brunch places hands down. You could also head for a stroll in the Museum after that as well!

Wooloomooloo 🐮

I haven’t been to many steakhouses, because as a university student earning little through occasional events and such which was barely enough to cover school allowances, decadent food dining experiences were little to talk about.


For Kris’s birthday this year, we went to Wooloomooloo steak house located at Raffles Place. Food was so good it kinda made me high the whole night. I think I was so full I dozed off while watching movie after that. It was so so so cute how the staff prepared the table with sparklers and party stars because I mentioned it was for a birthday when I made the reservations.

It’s funny how we had one of the freshest oysters here – at a steak house. The oysters were so fresh that they didn’t even stick to the shells, or it could be that the chef removed it for us. Nonetheless, they were so succulently sweet and I declare it one of the best oysters we had.



Kris really liked the lobster bisque but I didn’t really like it – I felt that there was too much of a seafood taste to it, making it very fishy-tasting.


Pan seared scallops, not much of a positive verdict from me, I only ate one even though I love my scallops to death. (Wouldn’t recommend this, but then again it’s really my judgement only, you might like it).


I’ve ordered foie gras from all the places we dined at as long as it’s available on the menu since we’ve been together, and this can probably fit into the top 3 favorite of my list. Speaking of which… I’ll be having foie gras for the next two weekends as well, March, you’ve been sinfully decadent. No wonder my thigh gap is gone. 😦


Kris and I shared a main course of steak, I can’t remember which part did we select, but I know kris requested for the one that had more fats. Initially, I couldn’t decide on which main to order and hence I didn’t order. It was a smart move because we were so terribly full after our appetizers and sharing the potion of main. So so so full. The medium rare beef was so fantastic, along with the 4 types of sauces provided.


I also ordered a Chocotini and it was too bitter for me initially, so I requested for additional syrup. Not worth the amount I paid for it though.




I guess the amount you pay calls for good service and take home souvenirs?

Total damage: S$357



Steamboat has always been one of my favorite “food”. There’s something just so amazing about how friends and family members sit in a single table and cooking food in a single hot pot. How you dig around the hot pot with the ladle trying to locate the piece of meat you cooked, and then realizing someone probably ate it.

There’s several steam boat places I’d often frequent.
1. Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅 at Clarke Quay – Price: $40-$50 per person (Ala Carte)
2. Xian De Lai (鲜得来) at Bugis Liang Seah Street – Price: $25.90 (Buffet)
3. 乐乐锅 Le Le Pot Steamboat at Seng Poh Road – Price: (Not too sure) (Buffet)
4. Rajah Inn at Tiong Bahru Plaza – Price: (Not too sure) (Buffet/ Ala Carte)
5. J Pot at VivoCity – I’ve only ate here once but I like the ambience well enough – Price: $30-$40 per person (Ala Carte)

The list is none ranking, and I love every single one of them. It really depends on the budget I have, who I am eating with and how much time I have to feast.
There are some things which is a must try in my opinion in each of the listed steam boats, do bear in mind my taste buds might differ largely from yours and my recommendations really might not be what you like.

1. 海底捞火锅
– Everyone knows this place. The crazy long waiting time, the longans and popcorns you get to eat while waiting and the manicure girls can do as well. The herbal soup base is fabulous! Boiled using black chicken, really a good tonic soup. Do try the bamboo shoots (it sounds lame I know), let it cook in the soup for some time, and it gets so mashy soft! The scallop and fish paste is a MUST order for me.
2. 鲜得来
– Cheap, not so good, but well, it’s cheap. Great for gatherings with friends! Half the time I walk out smelling like food though.
3. Rajah Inn
– The cooked dishes here are rather appetizing, the Gong Bao chicken and the fried durian! Yummmmmz. Kris hates it whenever I eat fried durian though and refuses to kiss me thereafter.

I really can’t wait for this weekend! I love my weekends for the constant indulging in food and the time spend together with Kris.