Sushi Airways Sushibar

I lead a very simple life; I don’t have many close friends, but I am blessed, very blessed – because I enjoy myself every single time I hang out with those close friends of mine. What’s more, I have a very doting boyfriend who let me chose the meals whenever we are out for meals for the weekends.

Last week was Singapore restaurant week, and because I was too busy at work the week before, I did not had time to look at the list of participating restaurants, resulting in most of them being fully booked. Kris and I share common taste buds – we both love Japanese cuisine, we both love fresh oysters and steak, we both love seafood. One of the options available for Saturday lunch was Sushi Airways Sushi Bar, set menu was $25++, I think it was one of the cheapest menus for Restaurant Week.

| Located at 40 Baghdad Street (Within Arab Street area)

Kris did not chose the out from the menu, he ordered separately from the ala-carte menu, which was a good thing, because even thought my set only had 5 types of sushi and 4 makis, the size of the sashimis and the rice were large enough to be split into 2 mouths. Each time I do that, Kris will go, “Never mind, you eat”. I think the best thing about being in a relationship is that you get to enjoy bits of life together. Things like sharing a sushi, licking off an ice cream cone together, waking up to a freezing leg because the other partner snatched off all the blankets… Each moment spent together is a memory. Okay, I digressed.

Anyways, the restaurant week menu came with the following options:


I took the sushi set, and I loved it.

Appetizers: Hamachi sashimi. There was so much fats in the 3 little pieces of sashimi and it made us such happy people. I need to widen my vocabulary so that I can have more words to describe sushi and sashimi besides the word fresh, but damn, these were so fresh! I want more! 3 slices can never be enough!


ImageJust look at it! LOOK!

Honestly, even though I’ve ate sushi so often, it’s hard to tell which type of fish I am eating. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any Hotate (scallops) in the set, but everything else made up for it. Kris thought that I’d not like the sea urchin because most places serve bad ones; but this, was so good that I almost didn’t want to share it with him. So smooth, so sweet; it was too damn good. And the baby squids! It was the first time I ate this, there were roes (?!) in the squid, and each bite down was a little bit of heaven bursting in my mouth!



For him, he ordered the pork cutlet rice; I did not take any pictures of it because well, that was not the main star of the meal. It tasted good though don’t get me wrong. The miso soup was also quite a great taster, wished my set came with the soup too.


Our last item of the meal was ice cream; mine had Koi Shiso liquor drizzled over the vanilla ice cream, while his set came with the plain one. I chose his, the liquor was extremely sour tasting and I did not like it. The vanilla itself was decent enough however.

The overall ambiance of the place was cool, parking was hard to find as there were so many cars and so little lots at Arab Street. The place is also very small, probably sitting a max of 15-20, so do make reservations. I’ll probably be heading back there again sometime soon to try out the other ala carte!

Rating: 4/5


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