Red Star

One of the greatest things I like about Hong Kong is the fact that there is abundance of great Dim Sums. I miss Hong Kong and the cold weather, the great food and the fact that there is no language barrier for me, and I miss having holidays. Will be doing up a travelogue for Hong Kong soon. Soon is the word because churning out blog posts is draining whatever little energy I have left after a long day at work.

I’m a sticky girlfriend. I love days when I get to wake up to see Kris’s face, and I love Sundays where we have no obligations to wake up and rush somewhere. Sometimes we wake up at 11am, and then realised that we are in time to make it to Red Star’s Dim Sum. Take note their last order is at 230pm, and by then a lot of the food has been sold out.

|Located at 54 Chin Swee Rd, 160054

Before I got together with Kris, I’ve never heard of Red Star. 126 and Swee Choon were staples however, because that’s where I used to head for supper after a night of clubbing. Red Star is a very vintage looking place, with the food being pushed out on their carts by the ladies who have been working at Red Star since its start. I loved the place since the first time I stepped in, about 1.5 years ago.


I don’t normally take a lot of pictures while I’m there, because the food’s usually so tempting I gobble them down the instance I grab them off the cart. I’ve always wondered why Dim Sum dishes need to come in set of threes, its a little too much especially when only two person is eating, no? There should be options for just 2 pieces…


Whatever it is, I’d strongly recommend this place – good food, retro and noisy ambience, value for money dishes, and a place that reminds me so much of the Dim Sum houses in Hong Kong.


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