Sunday Feasting – Crabs.

Conversation between us while we were having lunch goes like this;

Me: I want to eat Korean BBQ for dinner.

Kris: You are eating now, and you are already thinking of dinner??? How can you crave for something else while eating now?

Lunch was Old Town White Coffee at Aperia, The service there sucks big time! I really hate it when servers/ waitresses/ waiters know we are raising our hands to order and they simply ignore us!



About half an hour later, while we were on the way back home after lunch, Kris said, “I want to eat crabs, I passed by this place, something something crab shack the other time, near Mosque Street.”

Google is truly my best friend, and the search crab shack came up with Momma Kong Crab Shack; reviews were read, reservations made, and I lazed the afternoon away while he studied, building Nanoblocks and reading Fabletown comics.



We are avid crab lovers, and I can’t believe we haven’t heard about this gem, given that one of the cool dudes working there mentioned they have been opened for about more than a year. I really think that all crab lovers should give Momma Kong a try… I love the setting of the restaurant, or maybe I just love anywhere with bright lights and white walls.


I didn’t bother taking a picture of the menu since it’s easily available via best friend Google, but here’s a snap of the menu written on the white board.


Our dinner started with Pan Seared Scallops – if you don’t already know, I love all forms of scallops. I was initially contemplating between spicy top shells or the scallops, but Kris decided on the scallops and I agreed. I mean, we can get top shells from the supermarket right? The scallops were paired with bacon, and I realised this combination is pretty damn addictive. Served also with asparagus, and fried garlic (my favourite too!), I rate this 4/5. 4 because I felt the air-conditioners were  a little too cold and food turns cold rather quickly.


Crabs here were pretty worth every dollar, $42 each, or $118 for 3. Reviews had actually stated that the prices were $38 each, $110 for 3, so I’m guessing the prices increased as the business improved. Each dish has about 650g of pre-cooked Sri Lankan mud crab; between Kris and myself, we had 2 crabs – Butter and Chilli, 4 buns – 2 steamed and 2 fried ($3 for a set of 2) and the scallops.

We read that the black pepper crab was pretty decent, but I’ve never been a fan of black pepper, hence we skipped that. There was also a special flavour of the month, white pepper.

The chilli crab – sauce was sweet, with a mild spice level that I can tolerate, but I wished they had more gravy. It was quite tough fishing sauce for the man tous. The man tous really deserve a shout out too, fried and crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The cool dude recommended us to try the steam buns, and we were pretty surprised how well it went with the butter sauce from the butter crab (well, of course). Butter crab was a major winner for us, with a tinge of salted egg yolks too. Plenty of thick sauce, not complaining one bit about this at all. Crabs were really well sized, chunks of flesh that maintained the natural sweetness of the crabs.


I tabao-ed the third crab – Momma Kong’s Crab Bee Hoon Soup home for the parents, and I really liked the soup stock. However, I wished they weren’t using the thick vermicelli because I really don’t like that.

It was however really great service that they allow take aways, at no extra cost!

Momma Kong’s Crab Shack

Address: 34 Mosque Street
Tel: 6225 2722
Opens 6pm to midnight; closed on Mondays

Of course, if you are craving for some crabs but hoping for a cheaper option, you can always go to Seafood 21. Crabs are available at 3 for $25.

212 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530212


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