Greenwood Fish Bistro

If there’s one thing that me and Kris have in extreme common, it’s the fact we love seafood. Nothing beats ending the week with a great sashimi or fresh oysters. My birthday this year was on a Monday, and Bubs brought me to Greenwood Fish Market the Sunday before.

The place gets pretty crowded towards late evening, so best to make reservations! 

I LOVE THE INTERIOR DESIGN! Pardon me, really too cute.



Apparently, he knew about the place from Straits Times. The Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro was having the Oyster festival that month, for the fourth year. Although we love oysters, we really have no inking at all on what the different oysters are, how to choose, how to eat it correctly and so on. Everyone have their own tastes and likings, and for me, I personally prefer the creamier ones. I eat my oysters as it is, without anything else. Bubs eat his with Tabasco and lemon.


Super alot of utensils because we ordered all the different food. Chopsticks for our sashimi platter,  soup spoon for our lobster bisque, knife and fork for the main course, and the smaller fork for the oysters.

We ordered the Baron Point – big oysters, with my finger at the side for comparison, and the Golden Mantle – I really liked these! Very creamy and sweet. Yay to the good recommendation from the waitress! Baron Point is $7 per oyster and Golden Mantle was $4 per oyster during the Oyster Festival.



(The Oyster was as big as my finger! Boy, it was really great to slurp it down!)


Lobster bisque soup, 8/10.
The bread provided complimentary from the restaurant was…. extremely hard. Even for bubs who hardly ever complains about his food.


Sashimi platter! All our favorites…. and really fresh!


We ordered the lobster with Foie gras white onion tart. The lobster was pretty average, but the main reason why we chose this dish was for the pan seared foie gras. I was craving for this for the longest time already!

Foie gras with white onion tart was a little bizarre. A unique combination which did not go down too well for us. We separated the two, and we prefered it that way.

Will we return? Yes! And please do try to come on Tuesdays. They have a oysters promo on Tuesday at $1.50 each!

And do try the fish and chips too… I’ve read countless reviews that it is one of the best! We noted that there’s also some takeaway promotions for the platter and the fish and chips as well. $9.90 for fish and chips if it’s takeaway!

Greedwood Fish Market and Bistro
34 & 38 Greenwood Avenue Singapore 289236
Tel: 6467 4950


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