Taiwan – Taichung Day 1

There’s two countries in Asia I wouldn’t mind going over again and again – Japan for its culture, Taiwan for its various attractions. Japan had my heart since we visited Tokyo and Kyoto in October last year, and I’ve always wished we will be able to visit again, and see more of what the country has to offer.

In June, we went on a family trip to Taiwan, we visited Taichung and Taipei this time and I really, really loved Taichung.

We engaged a personal driver this time round, as we were travelling with Bubs’ family – a total of 6 adults and 2 children.

何东霖 (Mr Ho) +886921866490 –> Here’s his details in case you guys need a driver! Friendly young chap, good automotive skills. Not much of a chatter, but really pleasing to look at. One thing to take note is that he isn’t that well with time management, i.e he doesn’t give clear instructions on how long can you stay at a particular place etc so that your next location will have ample time or so. Please manage your timing yourself! Hit him up on Line, hes very well connected to the network.

Our tickets were quite cheap – we flew via Scoot Airlines. I love taking mid line flights because we get to spend a full day the next morning upon landing at the destination. We were picked up upon arriving and drove straight to Taichung.

Our itinerary was a little messed up and there were several places we didn’t go (which was initially in my itinerary…) and honestly I was rather disappointed.

Initial plan was:

Day 1: 鹰哥老街, 三峡老街, 薰衣草花园, 高美湿地, 逢甲夜市

Day 2: 九族文化村, 日月潭 (Sun Moon Lake), 纸箱王 , 水舞秀

Day 3: 小瑞士花园, 青青草原 (清境農場)

However, when the driver fetched us, he told us that we were too early and all the stalls are still closed (We reached Taoyuan Airport at about 7am). Hence, we had a change of schedule and we headed to 九族文化村, 日月潭 (Sun Moon Lake), 高美湿地, 逢甲夜市.

10527912_927001224030693_680854264115908472_nCatching the sunrise while on board the plane… 11407102_927001280697354_3364530831214802092_n

We stopped by some random stall for breakfast, and why does even the most random food stalls have the best tasting food? And so damn cheap! 卤肉饭!


10403487_927001294030686_5349370673873101122_n (1)Shot from the car while on the drive… The weather was viciously hot, but in a way it was really good for photo takings because all the pictures turned out so lovely!


Took a toilet break and we ended up having coffee break at this really gorgeous place…


Finally made it to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village after 3 hours of driving. Cost per pax is 780 NTW (Adults) and 580 NTW (Children). This place deserves a day on its own, the place is gigantic! I really wished we had enough time to explore the European gardens – the blooms were so lovely, but alas, time was not on our side and we didn’t managed to complete the entire amusement park. I was really so damn upset about not being able to visit the garden and take tons of photos! (Next time maybe?)

The map below should just show how vast and huge the place is! And there are loads of steps, so for those traveling with young children or elderly, please take note.

06a Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村) - A Theme Park That was More than Just a Cultural Village @ Sun Moon Lake [Taiwan] (Custom)


First stop; for the kids, take note that the games and UFO Catchers at this section is not included in the ticket for the entrance.
1461081_926998014031014_3716201526986858479_n 10494822_927001637363985_5640236623409036902_n


Sat on the Merry-go-round, and we were all really giddy after the rides. Almost puked after we came down!!


Weird aboriginal statues everywhere. Couldn’t resist snapping a picture. 11429813_926997914031024_179923434787000478_n11407215_927001690697313_4859565127249304425_n

THIS PIRATE SHIP, MEANT FOR KIDS. Height level: about 5 stories high. I came down from the ride with shaky hands and jelly legs.


The men sat on this, the drop was pretty impressive, but really, it all but lasted for 1 minute. Bubs said that the view up there was damn awesome! Unfortunately I am too scaredy cat to join….



As mentioned earlier… There’s really tons of walking in this place. Up down, left right blahblah. And like I also mentioned, there were a lot of rides I wanted to take, but didn’t because there was a whole big group of us, including elderly and children. We walked over to the Aboriginal Cultural Village, which was quite a bore… This part of the theme park is more educational, showing a lot of how the tribes lived, and how their houses looked like. Some of the houses reminded me of the house from the Little Red Riding Hood – “And I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll blow your house down….”

The shuttle buses are another form of transport to replace the walking, we took the buses to the Aboriginal town, and to the Sun Moon Lake Cable station. 10847817_926998057364343_7940895640578796554_n11535837_926998770697605_1736295670903630435_n1609890_926998797364269_95340371230067446_n

10986800_926998470697635_322068843525853501_n (1)


Kiddos can rent costumes and take pictures. Wanted to do so but Bubs very harshly rejected. T_T


11401418_926998690697613_3725620426416478694_n 10447614_926998670697615_1587871117634286364_n

JUST LOOK AT THIS. TONS OF WALKING. TONS! Until I got so tired I didn’t want to hold my own bag anyway… Anyways, Bubs to the rescue! *Always my hero*10523866_926999027364246_6526191696756516162_n10424982_926998920697590_4699804333397027982_n 10532379_926998934030922_7809398365700289068_n1392020_926998390697643_7512141137958711916_n
11227780_926998370697645_1685526411734253949_n 11406782_926998394030976_1758115460874150733_n11427736_926998330697649_2547922542130458297_n

There’s a small little temple (not exactly a temple, but they did have some offering table and joss-sticks…) and we gave our thanks for everything…

Seriously! Travelling with kids equate to having photo-bombers in EVERY picture!

If you are hungry, there is a Ramen stall here (Alight from the shuttle bus and its about a stone’s throw away from the bus stop). Food is pretty decent, although they do not serve any soft drinks/ water – they only serve black tea. 
1654216_926998154031000_5004247705036190799_n11257918_926998187364330_8134183198599506901_n11407095_926998190697663_2582892985470892553_n11412305_926998197364329_2342049990130067515_nTook the cable car down to the Sun Moon Lake.

11403371_926999130697569_3373362290944267331_n11535920_926999227364226_6260271784527457282_n 10409530_926999367364212_7794797045187417608_n11407153_926999680697514_2450108380947068376_n

This black pork was the bomb! We chilled in the living room of the owner’s place, grabbed some drinks and beer before continuing… Again, I need to stress on the importance of time management. By this time, I was panicking on how are we going to take both the Sun Moon Lake Cruise and make it in time for Gao Mei Wetland to watch the sunset!

Bubs finally decided that we will skip the lake cruise, and drive on straight to the wetland, which was on the other side of Taichung… During the whole journey I kept whining about how we will be missing the sunset!! We finally reached the place at 645pm, when the sun was already in the midst of setting…
11429813_926999954030820_2066713376799595944_n11536045_927274550670027_8289203887177059024_n10342909_927302740667208_7945012075634266859_n10447122_927000477364101_1739872187823223142_n 10350414_927274530670029_1576715342057578160_n 10801747_927302897333859_4394690230562123812_n 11053379_927303010667181_3911006179616194290_n 18717_10153333202439098_571089384000486472_n 11401518_927302814000534_8849426817588897273_n 11201499_927103450687137_6880819148159594746_n 11426720_10153333200619098_5661432727091639737_nKids loved this place, and we loved it too. There were so many other people taking photos there- there was pre-wedding, and even graduation. I loved the series of photos we took here… The amazing thing is that the sand, doesn’t get stuck onto one’s feet! It gets washed off together with water immediately! 

Our last stop of the day was: Fengjia Night Market. 
Our hotel for the night was Kun Hotel (昆酒店)

(Walking distance about 10 minutes from Fengjia Night market)
No.56, Ln. 33, Fuxing N. 3rd St. Xitun
Taichung City, 407, Taiwan
福星北三街33巷56號, 西屯區
(台中市, 407)
Phone: +886424517333


We had dinner at 陈妈妈 in Feng Jia, The 卤肉饭 is to die for!!!!

Some food I highly recommend in Fengjia Market:

– 臭豆腐





11351132_927001194030696_298220360013035068_n 11351147_927000897364059_2428823393058040726_n 11535792_927001104030705_4831213262775226952_n

We were all so tired we left the market at about 10pm… I was SO grouchy by then! The hotel was pretty decent, and I slept damn soundly that night! Moral of the story, try not to cramp as much as I did into one single day… Breakfast the next morning was very homely as well, while it is served in buffet style, all the dishes were all Taiwanese style, and we enjoyed it! Think, porridge with pork floss, and salted eggs!

I’ll recommend Kun Hotel for anyone who is looking for a night’s stay at Fengjia Market.


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  1. I going to visit there probably next year! Can I know what’s the price of the hotel and some photos maybe? (include them in your next post! :D)
    do visit my blog as well as Im writing some about travelling as well ^^

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