Reasons to visit Satay by the Bay


Satay by the Bay is in a way, a revamp of the old Satay Club – essentially food centres with many satay stalls; the most famous has to be the one located at the old Esplanade. One can find food similar to what Serangoon Chomp Chomp/ Newton Food centre has to offer – think Satay, BBQ Seafood like stingray, Oyster Omelette, Fried Chicken Wing and so on. The only difference probably would be the price. A large (but actually is medium size comparing to other food centres) cup of Sugarcane with lemon cost S$3.50 in Satay by the Bay whereas we can easily get a gigantic cup at S$2.50 at Chomp Chomp. If I were to be craving for the food I’ve mentioned above, give me Newton Food Centre/ Chomp Chomp ANYTIME.


Picture credits to *insatiablemunch

Image source: Satay by the Bay

Alas, there are some compelling reasons on why you should visit Satay by the Bay.

1. Steamboat

The bubs and his friends say that this was from the previous Marina South area, which again, I’ve not heard of (sounds like we got massive generation gap). Whatever it is, we all agree that this one of the most value for money steam boat places we have went to. Although with the popularity and probably rental pricing increasing, the prices of the steamboat has also gone up. It used to be S$22 per pax on weekends, and then it up to S$25, and just last weekend, we realized it was up to S$29.  However, the variety of seafood available is really quite a myriad, they do have flower crabs, mussels, prawns, crayfish, scallops etc. The staff working there are also really cute and friendly. I love places with good service staffs! Makes our meal enjoyable…

wpid-p8030256.jpg wpid-p8030253.jpg

2. Newly opened Wholly Crab by celebrity Felicia Chin

Essentially just Louisiana seafood similar to Crab in Da Bag, Full of Crab and Dancing Crab (Tung Lok), mixed with local inspired sauces, and some Western-Japanese sides. My honest opinion? This fares pale when compared to Crab in Da Bag and Full of Crab. I have yet to try Dancing Crab, which the Bubs and I will try over the next 2 weekends because of the Amex Platinum 1-1 promotion. Crab in Da Bag has alot more “tanginess” and “ompfhs” in their sauces which I remember as very flavorful and strong.  Full of Crab had its own uniqueness and I loved the interior design of the place. I also really enjoyed their Garlic Butter sauce, as well as the Cajun Sauce.

*Side tracking, I love the bf because he always chooses the non-spicy sauces for me knowing I don’t take spicy food! (LOVE U!)

Full Of Crab, 195 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428900

Crab in da Bag, 902 ECP 449874

So anyways! When Bubz found out about Wholly Crab at Satay by the Bay, I was really quite excited about it… Together with 3 other male friends (Big eaters), we ordered Wholly Bucket which had:

3 crabs, 500g prawns, 500g mussels, 400g clams, with corn and potatos. I wanted to order the fried mantou as a side with the curry sauce, but Bubz wanted to try the original and its, well, basically dry and hence the waitress advised us against the Mantou. So we chose the Sweet potato fries and Thai Mango salad.

wpid-p8030240.jpg wpid-p8030241.jpg

Free seating and it was quite a chore to get seats near the stall. I wanted to sit at the ones which I think were reserved by Wholly, they had those cute picnic looking plastic sheets wrapped over the tables! We ended up sitting at another area, and Wholly provided us with white plastic sheets for us to wrap over the tables ourselves. This is a definite must do, because the bucket of food gets poured over the table and patrons will eat off the table.

My two cents: Sauce was not flavorful enough, a little bland. I can only taste the sauce while licking at the seafood shells instead of the inner meats. So, it would be best to cook them a while longer to have the sauce flows in to the meat. Too little potatoes and sausages as well… One of our friends was complaining that he wasn’t full! I would still prefer Full of Crab anytime. However, I am guessing this place would be really popular with the fans of Felicia Chin, and who knows, you may have star strike one day and she might be the one taking your order!

Sweet potato fries was quite crispy. Do not order the Thai Mango Salad! It is a weird combination with the seafood… wpid-p8030248.jpg

Satay by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-19,
Singapore 018953


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