味香园甜品 – Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (Chinatown)

Anthea and me popped by this place, we walked over from China Square, me in my 3 inch heels mind you, after dinner yesterday at Lobster Platypus Shack (read about it here).

It was still too early to go home, and we were craving for something sweet.

Place was pretty quiet for a Tuesday night, and we ordered the Chendol Shaved Ice to share and some water chestnut thing Anthea wanted. I’ve been craving for Chendol for a long time, and finally I got my fix yesterday! Yay!





Plus: Gula Melaka was “free flow” because they leave the entire bottle at your table.

Negative: Water chestnut was pretty diluted.

Pictures taken with Oppo Mini N1 under bad lighting conditions.

67 Temple Street

Daily: 10:30 – 21:00


The Sushi Bar

I love Japanese cuisines. Recently, I’ve even picked up sushi making so the craving can be satisfied whenever. 

One of my favourite place for Jap is The Sushi Bar at Far East. The first time me and Kris went, we waited for an hour. That was back in January when it was still at level 3. 

Last Wednesday, Johnson and I met up for our yearly birthday dinner. The place has finally expanded, having moved to level 4 instead. Yet, we still had to wait for almost an hour just for a table (bear in mind there was only 2 of us). 

I really wouldn’t say much, except that if you guys were to visit this place, please be prepared to wait, and also bring cash – the place does not accept Nets/ Visa/ Mastercard. 

My fourth visit to this place, and still ordering the same – I find it amazing that I still get food-gasm each time.

 Hotate Mentayaki


 Tako Wasabi

I’ve never, ever liked Wasabi, but when Kris made me try this the last time? 
I was immediately sold. 10500286_740542026009948_7922746921160825609_n

 Salmon Aburi Sushi.

This is the MUST-HAVE. 10516852_740541959343288_6287533650858616775_n

 Basic Chirashi Don which comes with a small drop of Uni! 


 The Sushi Bar

#04-28 Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
Mon to Fri: 12.30pm – 3pm, 5.30pm – 9pm
Sat: 12.30pm – 9pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf

60 Robertson Quay

We had our Christmas Eve dinner here, couple dating with Wallace and Joanne. The oysters and foie gras were delectable, with the grilled foie gras making it to top 3 favorite list too.

We ordered a dozen of fresh oysters and subsequently order 4 piece of steam oysters.

Fresh ones ftw.



The Aussie beef Sirloin steak was melt in the mouth, with little walnuts (?) that we really liked. We ordered the 200g portion for sharing. Everything was so yummy I wanted more of everything! Maybe I was so soaked in the festive’s joys that everything was so happy and nice, even the shirt Kris wore so often on our special occasion dates made him look so charming. Hur hur.



I made Kris order the appetizer platter – ham and cheese. It actually came with Olives but we requested for it to be replaced with more cheese because we all dislike olives. We’re weirdos who like onions and garlics but not olives. How do you chew those things?



FOIE GRAS! TOP 3 LIST! I want some of these now! Even the yucky one from Savour will do for now!

We ordered both types available on the menu, pan seared foie gras with honey toast and the foie gras paste with bread. I think I died and went to heaven for that 10 minutes. 👼 the honey toast was extremely buttery and tasted of honey almost of perfection. The sauce drizzled at the side also tasted wonderful!


Hotate Mentaiko was decent, but not fabulous. Less praises can be given for the butter garlic rice, which I didn’t even order taking a picture of.



A toast of some Japanese wine which Kris ordered to cheers to the Christmas! I love my wines sweet and this was perfect for the evening.


I can’t wait to head back there again!

Thankew baby for always bringing me to have all this wonderful delectable meals and letting me order all the things I like! ❤️



Steamboat has always been one of my favorite “food”. There’s something just so amazing about how friends and family members sit in a single table and cooking food in a single hot pot. How you dig around the hot pot with the ladle trying to locate the piece of meat you cooked, and then realizing someone probably ate it.

There’s several steam boat places I’d often frequent.
1. Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅 at Clarke Quay – Price: $40-$50 per person (Ala Carte)
2. Xian De Lai (鲜得来) at Bugis Liang Seah Street – Price: $25.90 (Buffet)
3. 乐乐锅 Le Le Pot Steamboat at Seng Poh Road – Price: (Not too sure) (Buffet)
4. Rajah Inn at Tiong Bahru Plaza – Price: (Not too sure) (Buffet/ Ala Carte)
5. J Pot at VivoCity – I’ve only ate here once but I like the ambience well enough – Price: $30-$40 per person (Ala Carte)

The list is none ranking, and I love every single one of them. It really depends on the budget I have, who I am eating with and how much time I have to feast.
There are some things which is a must try in my opinion in each of the listed steam boats, do bear in mind my taste buds might differ largely from yours and my recommendations really might not be what you like.

1. 海底捞火锅
– Everyone knows this place. The crazy long waiting time, the longans and popcorns you get to eat while waiting and the manicure girls can do as well. The herbal soup base is fabulous! Boiled using black chicken, really a good tonic soup. Do try the bamboo shoots (it sounds lame I know), let it cook in the soup for some time, and it gets so mashy soft! The scallop and fish paste is a MUST order for me.
2. 鲜得来
– Cheap, not so good, but well, it’s cheap. Great for gatherings with friends! Half the time I walk out smelling like food though.
3. Rajah Inn
– The cooked dishes here are rather appetizing, the Gong Bao chicken and the fried durian! Yummmmmz. Kris hates it whenever I eat fried durian though and refuses to kiss me thereafter.

I really can’t wait for this weekend! I love my weekends for the constant indulging in food and the time spend together with Kris.