Reasons to visit Satay by the Bay


Satay by the Bay is in a way, a revamp of the old Satay Club – essentially food centres with many satay stalls; the most famous has to be the one located at the old Esplanade. One can find food similar to what Serangoon Chomp Chomp/ Newton Food centre has to offer – think Satay, BBQ Seafood like stingray, Oyster Omelette, Fried Chicken Wing and so on. The only difference probably would be the price. A large (but actually is medium size comparing to other food centres) cup of Sugarcane with lemon cost S$3.50 in Satay by the Bay whereas we can easily get a gigantic cup at S$2.50 at Chomp Chomp. If I were to be craving for the food I’ve mentioned above, give me Newton Food Centre/ Chomp Chomp ANYTIME.


Picture credits to *insatiablemunch

Image source: Satay by the Bay

Alas, there are some compelling reasons on why you should visit Satay by the Bay.

1. Steamboat

The bubs and his friends say that this was from the previous Marina South area, which again, I’ve not heard of (sounds like we got massive generation gap). Whatever it is, we all agree that this one of the most value for money steam boat places we have went to. Although with the popularity and probably rental pricing increasing, the prices of the steamboat has also gone up. It used to be S$22 per pax on weekends, and then it up to S$25, and just last weekend, we realized it was up to S$29.  However, the variety of seafood available is really quite a myriad, they do have flower crabs, mussels, prawns, crayfish, scallops etc. The staff working there are also really cute and friendly. I love places with good service staffs! Makes our meal enjoyable…

wpid-p8030256.jpg wpid-p8030253.jpg

2. Newly opened Wholly Crab by celebrity Felicia Chin

Essentially just Louisiana seafood similar to Crab in Da Bag, Full of Crab and Dancing Crab (Tung Lok), mixed with local inspired sauces, and some Western-Japanese sides. My honest opinion? This fares pale when compared to Crab in Da Bag and Full of Crab. I have yet to try Dancing Crab, which the Bubs and I will try over the next 2 weekends because of the Amex Platinum 1-1 promotion. Crab in Da Bag has alot more “tanginess” and “ompfhs” in their sauces which I remember as very flavorful and strong.  Full of Crab had its own uniqueness and I loved the interior design of the place. I also really enjoyed their Garlic Butter sauce, as well as the Cajun Sauce.

*Side tracking, I love the bf because he always chooses the non-spicy sauces for me knowing I don’t take spicy food! (LOVE U!)

Full Of Crab, 195 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428900

Crab in da Bag, 902 ECP 449874

So anyways! When Bubz found out about Wholly Crab at Satay by the Bay, I was really quite excited about it… Together with 3 other male friends (Big eaters), we ordered Wholly Bucket which had:

3 crabs, 500g prawns, 500g mussels, 400g clams, with corn and potatos. I wanted to order the fried mantou as a side with the curry sauce, but Bubz wanted to try the original and its, well, basically dry and hence the waitress advised us against the Mantou. So we chose the Sweet potato fries and Thai Mango salad.

wpid-p8030240.jpg wpid-p8030241.jpg

Free seating and it was quite a chore to get seats near the stall. I wanted to sit at the ones which I think were reserved by Wholly, they had those cute picnic looking plastic sheets wrapped over the tables! We ended up sitting at another area, and Wholly provided us with white plastic sheets for us to wrap over the tables ourselves. This is a definite must do, because the bucket of food gets poured over the table and patrons will eat off the table.

My two cents: Sauce was not flavorful enough, a little bland. I can only taste the sauce while licking at the seafood shells instead of the inner meats. So, it would be best to cook them a while longer to have the sauce flows in to the meat. Too little potatoes and sausages as well… One of our friends was complaining that he wasn’t full! I would still prefer Full of Crab anytime. However, I am guessing this place would be really popular with the fans of Felicia Chin, and who knows, you may have star strike one day and she might be the one taking your order!

Sweet potato fries was quite crispy. Do not order the Thai Mango Salad! It is a weird combination with the seafood… wpid-p8030248.jpg

Satay by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-19,
Singapore 018953


Punggol Walk – Photoshoot

Our theme for the day was supposedly a cafe day out, but unfortunately it was raining, and we decided to have some fun out in the rain instead.

I miss my long colored hair, although it makes me look hideously Ah-lian.

Pictures credit: One of my favorite photographer and friend, Rickey.

77krista 4 7884

*Hmm… There’s a strange smell in the air. 85
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Rickey Ong Website Here

Chasing lights

The moon was huge tonight, and during our drive home, we wound down the windows and I tried to snap pictures of the roundest and lowest moon I’ve ever saw.

Failed, no pictures of the moon, but tons of others. I loved the drive home tonight; laughing and dancing to loud edm tracks, having drivers from cars in the next lane looking at us and giving us the stares, poking my head and my camera out in attempts to capture the moon, feeling the wind in my face.

I googled, the full moon of August: the Sturgeon Moon. The blue moon occurrence every once in 2.7 years. Wished I really did managed to snap a shot of it, but hey, I’m pretty glad the other shots that turned out pretty okay.










Pictures taken with Olympus EPL5.

I need a break.


While many might think that I am naturally whiny and “emo”, truth is…

Work is getting to me. It is overwhelming me with all the bitterness, unhappiness, unfairness I get/ feel at work every day.

3 months from my last holiday now seems an awfully long time.

I need a break, before I break down.

Platypus Lobster Shack

I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time, especially when the craze for lobster rolls is at an all time high recently. However, the place is not opened on Sundays, and we are usually with friends on Saturdays for dinner.

Finally, I met up with a dear friend for dinner today and we went for dinner at Lobster Platypus.




I love food places that serve alcohols, and Lobster Platypus Shack serves pretty reasonably priced drinks. My favorite Moscato is $10/glass, and SOL beer at $5. Whoop!


I was pretty spoilt for choices; I eventually chose The Modern while Anthea had the Spicy Roasted Garlic.

I LOVE THIS! Every mouthful was bursting with flavours, and there was a lot lobster chunks throughout the whole roll, and fresh too!

Prices are at $19.90 for a roll, and $22.90 for a set, which comes with a huge serving of truffle chips (which in my opinion tastes like Calbee Potato Chips). The buns were soft on the inside and well toasted on the outside.





Definitely will be heading back again!
Advisable to make reservations as the tables were all reserved, but do take note that the place doesnt call back to check if the reservation is confirmed.

Lobster Platypus Shack
#01-31, Nankin Row, 3 Pickering Street
Mon to Thu: 6pm – 10pm
Fri: 6pm – 11pm
Sat: 6.30pm – 11pm
Nearest Station: Raffles Place/Telok Ayer

Tokyo Travelogue- Day 1

I love travelling; and I truly love travelling with Kris. Traveling with the person you love really creates the most memorable experiences of discovery and sharing. Discovering new locations, new countries, exploring and getting lost together…. I like that.

I’ve also recently renewed my interest on Nanoblocks, and I’ve told Kris that I want to buy one that symbolizes all the countries we’ve visited. I think year 2014 has been pretty awesome, I’ve traveled a lot, both for work and for holidays, visited a lot of new countries, including Seoul, Tokyo, Kyoto, Ho Chi Ming….

Blessed I am this year, and I can’t wait for another wander lust vacation end of the year.

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll #travel#quotes

We stayed at Pearl Yaseu Hotel Tokyo, and the location was perfect.

It was located right next to Nihombashi Station, and about 5 minutes walk to Tokyo Station.

I didn’t check the direction we should be walking once we exited Tokyo Station, and we spent about 1/2 hour walking about aimlessly with our luggage before we finally found it, not with Kris nagging me about what a poor planner I am. >=(

Address: 103-0028 Tokyo Prefecture, Chuo-ku Yaesu 1-2-6, Japan

Cost: About USD$100/ night. Pretty decent rate for such a convenient and awesome hotel!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First stop we headed to after chucking our luggage in the hotel, we were too early and couldn’t check in, was to Tsukiji Fish Market. Super fresh sashimi, super yummy sushi, but not too cheap – average about SGD$30 per pax for a don, and the queue at the famous ones like Sushi Dai was horrible.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We popped into this randomly, seeing how the queue was short, and we liked it. 🙂

Sushi chef was handsome.


I really liked my don, consisting of Ebi, Hotate, Salmon, Crab meat and my favorite Uni. This cost us about 3000 Yen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Kris had the Tuna Don, which was really worth it at 1000 Yen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some temple near the market. Everywhere in Japan is so pretty…. Its really photo worthy, but it kind of upsetting that Kris takes such bad photos for me…. :*(OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG20141018092704OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After the market… We headed to Tokyo Towers, which Kris didn’t quite like, because he felt that it is too short. Saw a Monkey show and it was so cute! Especially the part where he stripped off his clothes… Heehee. IMG20141018101748Untitled-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG20141018113025 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeaded to Zojoji Temple nearby, the first temple we went in Japan out of the countless we headed to… We bought so many amulets!


Headed to Shibuya thereafter for some shopping. The Shibuya crossing was seriously crazy, we tried to take a #selfie in the middle of the crowd but failed. Tried desperately to look for Hachiko, and ended up feeling quite meh about it because it was donning some really ugly dress cos of the design fashion week happening. Popped into some random ramen place for dinner, and as much as I hate to repeat this, but honestly I think even the most random food of all deserves 3 stars. Of course, we took neoprints too, but it turned out horrible because we didn’t know how to use the machines – everything was in Japanese! Urgh! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG20141018154855 IMG20141018223243


Ever since we started dating, weekends somehow became our time together, and I enjoy spending the time together. Singapore, however, is a small country, with very little spots that are suitable for dates. So what do we usually do on our date nights? We eat.

And eat.

And eat.

I used to be this stick thin girl before I got together with Kris, and I didn’t had much say on the food to eat then while in past relationships.

And for the past 26 months, all I did was eat and eat, and travelled and eat and travelled. I put on so much weight I can no longer fit into XS, and my body fats is hovering about an unhealthy range of 30.8%, oh god.

Groupon is pretty much a good place for me to get my sources of food to go to, especially when I feel like treating Kris to a meal…

Yesterday’s date included a trip to a doggie cafe for lunch and a sumptuous 9 course japanese for dinner. Yup, you got that right, both places were deals I purchased from Groupon.

Dog Dot Cafe
16 Morse Road No. 227


Awesome lighting calls for selfies with the happy doggie. Mini’s dressed in outfit.
More selfies… My happy pills.


Kris had the Nasi Lemak and Mushroom soup. Nasi Lemak was pretty tasty, loved the chilli and the chicken wings were pretty swell too! We were pretty amazed by the cute way they arranged the rice actually. Is it a hopping bunny, or a doggie?

It really isn’t even surprising that Kris will order the mushroom soup. Its like his favourite and definite order, just like Coke is my staple at every meal.

There were tons of chopped mushrooms in the soup, it is very flavorful as well, but just somehow lacking a wee bit of something. Maybe the soup was just too… watery?

An unfortunate, or fortunate, incident happened however. Someone’s ball (they were playing fetch with their doggie) landed smack right in the soup, and splashed soup all over my hair, my face and my top, as well as on the owner’s dog… I didn’t know if I should be pissed, but it was just a really hilarious situation. They ended up footing our bill for us without telling us, so I get to keep my $25 worth of groupon vouchers for another time.


Lasagna, me likey.


Loads of places for the doggies to roam and play, and Mini met a fellow Jack Russell nameda Jack.


The owner’s dogs! Rudolf, 2 year old Chihuahua, and Kupi, 9 year old Pomeranian.

I cannot express how cute Kupi is! The little sweetheart of a furball just keeps curling up and letting everyone snuggle her – owner says because she’s too fat and lazy!



Mini’s bowl of brown rice, lamb and mixed veggies. This is about $7, but we get the option of topping up a dollar to make it a set with milk. Mini doesn’t like drinking milk hence we didn’t get that set, but I thought it was pretty worth.


The place is pretty new I think, hence it was pretty quiet for a Saturday. Besides Rudolf and Kupi, the residential dogs, there’s only Jack and Mini. Hence the furkids had a lot of places to run away and fight and yelp at each other.

En Grill and Bar
UE Square, River Valley Road
#01-60 S238275

Dinner was another pretty awesome place to dine at. We never knew of this place despite being Japanese food lovers – UE Square is also unbelievably huge with alot of restaurants. The carpark is also hugely complicated, and we spent about 15 minutes after our dinner trying to find the car as we couldn’t walk outside due to the pouring rain.



Just in case anyone’s wondering, there were 4 of us, hence we have 4 sticks here.





I didn’t like the white fish.


Steak was alright, done medium rare the way I like it, but the chicken wasn’t too…. satisfying. The sauce was way too sweet!


The store was out of stock of chocolate ice cream, the vanilla wasn’t too bad though. Along with the whipped cream and the strawberries.


Food wasn’t that delectable, nor was it something that would render me going there again, but hey, $68 for this for 2 pax wasn’t too bad.

The night ended with John Wick at Suntec City – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new cinema! I don’t think there’s any other theatres that have such comfy seats! And they sell Churros too, for $11! Obviously I couldn’t take a picture in the cinema since they brought it to me as the show was gonna start. Churros with vanilla ice cream, peaches and berries, and Chocolate dip… Kris never had a thing for such sweet stuffs, so I finished everything. Every damn thing myself. Now we know why I’m putting on so much weight. Urghs.

John Wick is a pretty kick ass show, go catch it! 4 popcorns outta 5! The part on the doggie dying made me teared a little…