Greenwood Fish Bistro

If there’s one thing that me and Kris have in extreme common, it’s the fact we love seafood. Nothing beats ending the week with a great sashimi or fresh oysters. My birthday this year was on a Monday, and Bubs brought me to Greenwood Fish Market the Sunday before.

The place gets pretty crowded towards late evening, so best to make reservations! 

I LOVE THE INTERIOR DESIGN! Pardon me, really too cute.



Apparently, he knew about the place from Straits Times. The Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro was having the Oyster festival that month, for the fourth year. Although we love oysters, we really have no inking at all on what the different oysters are, how to choose, how to eat it correctly and so on. Everyone have their own tastes and likings, and for me, I personally prefer the creamier ones. I eat my oysters as it is, without anything else. Bubs eat his with Tabasco and lemon.


Super alot of utensils because we ordered all the different food. Chopsticks for our sashimi platter,  soup spoon for our lobster bisque, knife and fork for the main course, and the smaller fork for the oysters.

We ordered the Baron Point – big oysters, with my finger at the side for comparison, and the Golden Mantle – I really liked these! Very creamy and sweet. Yay to the good recommendation from the waitress! Baron Point is $7 per oyster and Golden Mantle was $4 per oyster during the Oyster Festival.



(The Oyster was as big as my finger! Boy, it was really great to slurp it down!)


Lobster bisque soup, 8/10.
The bread provided complimentary from the restaurant was…. extremely hard. Even for bubs who hardly ever complains about his food.


Sashimi platter! All our favorites…. and really fresh!


We ordered the lobster with Foie gras white onion tart. The lobster was pretty average, but the main reason why we chose this dish was for the pan seared foie gras. I was craving for this for the longest time already!

Foie gras with white onion tart was a little bizarre. A unique combination which did not go down too well for us. We separated the two, and we prefered it that way.

Will we return? Yes! And please do try to come on Tuesdays. They have a oysters promo on Tuesday at $1.50 each!

And do try the fish and chips too… I’ve read countless reviews that it is one of the best! We noted that there’s also some takeaway promotions for the platter and the fish and chips as well. $9.90 for fish and chips if it’s takeaway!

Greedwood Fish Market and Bistro
34 & 38 Greenwood Avenue Singapore 289236
Tel: 6467 4950


Whisk and Paddle – Cafe by the River

It’s been a long while since we got out for an all day brunch/ breakfast date. There was a period when all I wanted to eat all the time was all day breakfast.  Then the craze died off and I realised how much cheaper it was to DIY your own.

Anyhows, we decided on Whisk and Paddle for Saturday’s brunch… location chosen because Kris had to head to Punggol to settle some work stuffs. Friday night had us reading food blogs and trying to decide what to order. I love such nights where we stay in and cuddle up although most of such nights usually end up with me falling asleep first.

I am so thankful that it rained in the morning and the weather was very cooling (and not sunny). The place has really changed ALOT since the last time I was there for a photo shoot… Link here.  The place used to be a bicycle rental area! And I realized that both times I went Punggol Walk, both times it rained. image NATIONAL DAY FESTIVES!

I didn’t really took much pictures of the restaurant or the surroundings because

1. There were MANY people there

2. I was starving

3. We got one of the waitresses scolded because we wanted to change our seat from the smaller table to the bigger one which was meant for 4 pax. Thumbs up to the girl who agreed to move us, and neh to the older waitress who told her off. Honestly, I really think that one shouldn’t be scolding another staff in front/ within earshot of the customers! It made us felt a little awkward…. AraVIkYNtHQ8_vqypdobcfy33jkOcjRbiclZ3-gJsqkM




I’m a sucker for such ornaments… Time to Taobao! There’s also a play area for the kids… Saw 2 little kids befriend each other shortly after 5 minutes… SO CUTE!imageimage

I would have loved to sit here and take more pictures of the river/ the lavish greenery… But it didn’t look too comfortable with the high chairs and the small bar table.

We read online that the desserts were really good, but me and the bubs aren’t hardcore fans of sweets. And really, after eating the main course we were pretty full already.

Whisk & Paddle is really quite similar to many other cafes, offering the usual All Day Breakfast dishes, like Eggs Benedicts, waffles, pancakes & French Toast. They also offer an extensive range of pastas & pizzas, with one of their most notable dishes being their “Macaroni & Cheese”, I was rather tempted to try as it was highly raved online… . However, my appetite wasn’t feeling that great that afternoon and I always get sick of Mac and cheese after a few mouthfuls.


I thought that every table had a whisk as a display – signatory of the name, but was quite disappointed to realize our table didn’t had one. Did not quite made any sense to ask for one as well, so…

Bubs ordered the Whisk Breakfast Set, with sunny side up eggs, and we added on the Honey Baked Ham (not in picture). We thought it was a slice of luncheon meat!!! It really looked like one, but definitely tasted much better! I’ve never seen a piece of ham that thick from any other brunch places. Damage: S$19.80 for the set, and S$2.50 for the ham (which was defo worth it in my opinion). The Smoked pork sausage deserved some shout out too, and the bacon! Crispy, and full of drizzling oil and fats. I meant this in a good complimentary manner, but then again, not everyone would appreciate this. Thank goodness me and Bubs like it. We were quite disappointed that there were only 2 skinny pieces of bacon, after eating one piece each we wanted more. T_T


I had the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon – Poached eggs with asparagus and hollandaise sauce on waffles. I liked the waffle, I liked the eggs, but putting these 2 together with smoked salmon was a little strange. The challenge came especially when cutting and eating it. I think I may like it more if I ordered it with streaky bacon/ honey baked ham… Why did I order Smoked Salmon when I am not a fan of Smoked salmon??? Damage: S$13.00 – reasonable. The table beside us had the Bacon & Scrambled Eggs on waffles, and I thought it looked quite disgusting… No offence. Not the most aesthetically pleasing dish.



For our drinks, we ordered the Passion Fruit Strawberry Italian Soda (I LOVE! Although S$5.90 might have been slightly overpriced, Bubs liked it too although he has hated passion fruit all his 32 years of living), not sure why was it served in a Somersby glass though. Bubs had the Iced Cappuccino. I did not try it but he finished it, so it couldn’t have been any bad.

imageMy Bubs – favorite companion ever.

Would I go again?

– Not really. All day breakfast aren’t really our cup of tea.

– Price was slightly on the high side, for the 2 drinks and 2 mains, it cost me S$55.

– Ambiance was nice, peaceful and great for a romantic day out, but only so if its not scorching hot. Its afterall a place that doesn’t seem to run on aircon – outdoor seating and fans for indoors.


10 Tebing Lane #01-01, Singapore 828836
(Nearest train station: Riviera LRT)
Contact: 6242 4617 – No reservations on weekends.